Workplace Massage

Person being massagedWorkplace Massage or Seated Massage represents an important part of the Fit Happens Occupational Health and Safety service. There are several areas where workplace massage will improve the health and well-being of staff and in turn, directly impact on the success of the organisation. These areas include;

  • Motivation and Team SpiritOne of the greatest needs of an organisations staff members is recognition for their effort and knowing that an organisation cares for their wellbeing. Implementing Health and Wellbeing programs satisfies these needs.
  • Knowledge Management – Research indicates that 80% of the knowledge of a company is held with its staff. Staff absenteeism and turnover, due to poor health and dissatisfaction is the workplace, can severely affect the efficiency of an organisation through the loss of company knowledge.
  • Productivity – Ongoing Health and Wellbeing programs in numerous countries have proven to provide up to six times greater returns than the cost of implementing the actual program. From past survey results, the Fit Happens massages alone have achieved a 10% increase in productivity after the first week of implementation for the many organisations that have undertaking the program.
  • Reduce Accident and Errors; Fatigue has proven to be one of the greatest causes of accidents and errors, and is no defence in a negligence case. Regular workplace massages reduce fatigue and improve staff alertness, eliminating mistakes and saving time and money.
  • Occupational Health & Safety Act; The NSW Work Cover Authority states that the ‘implementation of management practices which reduce stress in the workplace are a part of the employer’s responsibility under the Occupational health and Safety ACT 1983 – Duty of Care’.
  • Stress Resolution; High stress levels have a substantial impact on staff turnover and absenteeism, for example; in the call centres of the telecommunications industry, the average call-centre with 100 staff costs approximately $360,000p.a. due to staff absenteeism and turnover. The figure can be significantly reduced with a minimal pro-active investment.

Our team of qualified masseurs provides your staff members with a 15-60 minute massage at your workplace or special corporate event, using professional chairs or tables and do not require the removal of clothing.

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