Personal Training Sessions – 1 on 1


Running coupleTrain one on one with a tertiary qualified Fit Happens Personal Trainer and get the undivided attention of your PT (just like they do in Hollywood).

Each training session is individually tailored to your personal goals and your fitness abilities. Our trainers guide you every step of the way with routine fitness assessments, monthly training programs, dietary analysis and nutrition advice.

Each workout with your Fit Happens trainer progresses on from your previous session. Your progress will be monitored by your trainer and sessions are designed specifically to your fitness level at that time. As your fitness improved your trainer will step up the intensity of your training sessions to ensure that you get the best out of each workour and yourself.

Each training session is 1 hour in duration and can be conducted indoors or outdoors depending on your personal preference.

Fit Happens is a mobile personal training and health consultancy business which means we come to you.

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