Group Personal Training / Boot Camp Sessions

Group training sessionGet a great workout without feeling like it’s a tough workout. Group Sessions are a fun way to get in that extra little bit of exercise in your busy schedule.

Fit Happens currently runs ten group personal training session / boot camps throughout Canberra on a weekly basis. Each of our sessions attract people of various ages and fitness levels, both male and female.

Fit Happens Group Personal Training sessions combine cardiovascular exercises with targeted strength and toning exercises. Each of the Fit Happens trainers has years of experience in training groups and are very good at coordinating many people with varying fitness levels to get the most out of each participant and make each session feel like it is individually tailored to each person.

The Fit Happens Group Personal Training session schedule is:

Location Time
Barton Monday 12pm
Forrest Monday 12:15pm
Barton Tuesday 12pm
Tuggeranong Tuesdays 7:00pm
Barton Wednesday 12pm
Chapman Wednesdays 7:00pm
Barton Thursday 7:15am
Gungahlin Thursday 6:45pm
Barton Friday 12pm
Barton (Lake Burley Griffin) Saturday 8:00am


To enquire about joining in any of the Fit Happens Group Personal Training sessions please email or give us a call.

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